EU countries only.

Delivery date

Delivery date

Please choose the required date of delivery. As the day of delivery we recommend to choose one day prior to the day of the scheduled trip. Please note that delivery on bank holidays is not possible.

Expiry date

On this date the validity of the temporary number plates expires. The registration, and hence the start of the validity of the number plates, always takes place one day prior to the requested delivery date.

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

You will find the VIN in your vehicle regisration document next to the letter "E". Usually the VIN consists of 17 digits. If in your case the VIN consists of less than 17 digits, please add as many "0" as necessary until the total number of digits amounts to 17.

MOT approval (road safety test) is valid

The registration of your temporary number plates is only possible with a valid MOT approval. If the MOT approval is expired already, please contact the vehicle registration authority or a licensed MOT vehicle test centre or garage next to the car´s location in order to apply for a new MOT approval.

MOT approval (road safety test) is valid

Vehicle is or will be de-registered

The vehicle MUST be de-registered at least 2 days prior to the requested delivery date of the temporary number plates. Otherwise, the delivery date of the plates must be postponed.

Vehicle is or will be de-registered
*Mandatory field

Contact information

Delivery and invoice address

Delivery address = Applicant´s details
Invoice address = Applicant´s details

Express delivery of temporary number plates

From ordering to receiving your registered temporary number plates,with us, you will save time and costs! You don´t need to go to any physical registration authority. You can comfortably arrange for everything here online. We take care of fast registration and shipment of your number plates. You can get your temporary transit plates within less than 24 hours.
Please note that the registration (and hence the start of the validity period of your temporary number plates) always takes place one working day prior to the requested delivery date! It is not possible to ship invalid number plates with the validity starting on any date in the future!

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB)

1. Scope and defense clause
1.1 For the legal relationships between the operator of this site (hereinafter referred to as the legal relationships between the operator of this site (hereinafter: provider) and its customers the following general terms and conditions apply exclusively, in the version valid at the time of the the valid at the time of the order.
1.2 Any general terms and conditions of the customer to the contrary shall not be recognized.

2. Conclusion of the contract
2.1 By the representation on the Domain "" no binding offer of the provider to conclude a purchase contract. For the customer there is hereby the possibility to submit an offer through his order.
2.2 By submitting his order, the customer confirms the binding nature of his order and at the same time recognizes these terms and conditions.
2.3 By means of an e-mail the customer is informed about the receipt of his order of the short license plate by mail, but it does not mean the acceptance of the contract offer. contract offer by the provider. The acceptance of the contract offer is only effected by the dispatch of the short declaration of acceptance, the offer of contract is accepted.
2.4 For errors in the entry of all required data as well as for incomplete provision of the documents required for the admission on the part of the customer when placing the order. GVA Transit GmbH does not assume any liability with regard to possible complications during the the processing of the registration of the short-term license plates, be it with regard to delays of the processing of the order or a completely failed registration.

3. Retention of title
Until full payment, the goods remain the property of the provider.

4. Maturity
The payment of the purchase price for the short-term license plate dispatch is due immediately upon conclusion of the contract.

5. Warranty
The legally determined warranty rights of the customer apply. Possible claims of the customer against the provider are regulated in point 6 of these GTC. regulated.

6. Disclaimer
6.1 Claims for damages by the customer are excluded, unless otherwise regulated below. has been stipulated. The foregoing exclusion of liability shall also apply to the legal representatives and the vicarious agents of the provider, if the customer makes claims against them.
6.2 The exclusion of liability set forth in Section 6.1 shall not apply to intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty by the Provider. The following claims for damages shall be excluded from the exclusion of liability set forth in Section 6.1: due to injury to life, limb and health.In the event of non-compliance with the In the event of non-compliance with the contractual objective through the clear fault of the provider, a partial or total a partial or total refund of the purchase amount can be requested from the buyer. For all other This also applies to delays in delivery due to the fault of a third party (shipping company). fault of a third party (shipping company).
6.3 The Provider shall not be liable for any offences or damages caused by the Customer or third parties in connection with the use of the Damage by the customer or third parties, the provider assumes no liability. If the customer passes on the license plates to third parties, this is done at the customer's own risk. In the event of damage or a misdemeanor will be corresponding letters liable to pay to the the applicant/customer or the corresponding authority will be referred to the applicant/customer.
6.4 The provisions of the Product Liability Act shall remain unaffected.

7. Right of withdrawal
7.1 An order that has been placed by the customer but not yet paid can be cancelled by the customer without can be canceled without giving reasons.
7.2 An order placed and paid for by the customer can be cancelled without giving reasons, provided that if the short-term license plate has not yet been registered. In this case, the provider reserves the right a processing fee depending on the already incurred expense (max. 25.00 €) to raise.
7.3. If a short-term license plate has already been issued, the order is excluded from cancellation.

8. Prohibition of assignment and pledge
The assignment or pledging of claims to which the Customer is entitled against the Provider or rights to which the customer is entitled vis-à-vis the provider is only possible with the express consent of the customer proves a legitimate interest in the assignment or pledge.

9. Offsetting
The customer shall only have a right of set-off if his claim put forward for set-off has been has been legally established or is undisputed.

10. Choice of law and place of jurisdiction
10.1 The contractual relations between the provider and the customer are governed by the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. Excluded from this are the mandatory of the country in which the customer has his habitual residence are excluded. has his habitual residence. The application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.
10.2 The registered office of the provider is the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the customer and the provider, if the customer is a merchant or a merchant or a legal entity under public law.

11. Severability clause
In the event of the invalidity of a provision of these General Terms and Conditions, the validity of the remaining the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

You need a short-term license plate quickly - we have the solution.

You don't have to go to the registration office - apply for registration here.

Originals are not needed, as copies are sufficient.

You can get a short-term license plate in a short way

You can choose the delivery day during the ordering process. In about 2 working days the delivey can be achieved. However, you can also submit an application now for transfers that are imminent. The list on the delivery day shows you all the options.

For processing your application we need your datas (see fields on the home page) and these documents in the best quality as a copy:

- Vehicle registration document/ Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II (front, unfolded)

- Front and back of the vehicle registration document with the deregistration date / Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I

- If no valid HU is noted on the certificate, we also need a valid HU report for the vehicle (TÜV)

- valid ID on both sides

You do NOT have to be a German citizen to apply for a short-term license plate

Anyone can place the order (fill in the fields). The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

The order includes

valid short-term license plates, liability insurance, registration fees and express shipping.

Discount code for End of Day delivery option

We normally send the short-term license plates by express with the delivery option by 12:30 p.m.

However, if you are not in a hurry, we offer you the “End of Day” delivery option. Delivery will still be made by express, but within the course of the day.

To do this, enter "End of Day" in the delivery address or in the comments field and enter the discount code VdEofD10 in the last ordering step.

Information regarding the required documents

ID card

If you possess a passport or an ID card which includes your address of residence, a scan or a photograph in good quality (both front and back) will be sufficient. If you possess a foreign (non-German) passport, we will additionally need your proof of residence.

The applicant´s details must correspond to the details indicated on the identity document (ID card or passport)

Registration document (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I)

The photos/scanned file of the registration document must be well and completely readable. Please check if all details and all page margins are well visible.

The registration number, the number of the document (n° 16) as well as the vehicle identification number € must correspond to the details of the registration document.
You will find the de-registration date and/or the uncovered security code on the back side of the registration document.

If there is an addendum (allonge) attached to the registration document, we will also need a copy thereof.

Vehicle Title of Ownership (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II)

Please make sure that also this document will reach us in a well and completely readable manner.
All details must not be covered or blackened.
Please check if you possess the latest version of this document. If the document is a blank title (in case of a new and never-before-registered vehicle), we will also need both pages of the COC (Certificate of Conformity) for complete vehicles.

MOT (technical road safety approval) - Hauptuntersuchung (HU)

The registration of the temporary number plates can only be carried out if you have a valid MOT certificate (HU).

This certificate can be issued by TÜV, GTÜ, KÜS, Dekra and further institutions. Please check if you possess the latest certificate.

There is no need of any HU certificate if the expiry date of the latest approval is included on the registration document (front side, bottom left) or if there is only a blank title (in case of a new vehicle).

The HU stamp on the back side of the registration document cannot be accepted in all cases.

A certificate of an exhaust emission test (Abgasuntersuchung or AU) will not be required.